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Vision Index

Vision: a Resource for Writers is published bi-monthly by Forward Motion E-Press, Lazette Gifford, Editor. All authors own the copyrights to their work.

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Tables of Contents

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Issue 1
Billing, BobAre We Going Somewhere Nice? Possible Directions in Science Fiction1
Brown, RonMatching Your Money to Your World1
Brown, RonState of the Horror Genre1
Burke, J. S.Making Histories: Thoughts on Convincing Pasts1
Carr, Shane P.On Writing: a Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King1
Carr, Shane P.Unleashing the Dark Side: the Motives of Villains and Heroes in Suspense Fiction1
Catesby, RobinThe Promise of Premise: a Conversation with Bill Johnson on the Craft of Dramatic Storytelling1
Elliott, Sarah JaneBuilding a Better Beast1
Gifford, LazetteIn Praise of Praise--a Second Look at Critiquing1
Gifford, LazetteScience Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.1
Lisle, HollyBeyond the Basics--Creating the Professional Plot Outline1
Long, Beth AdeleFive Practical Tips For Young Writers1
Marble, Anne M.Your Characters Are Not Puppets1
McElfresh, VickiCapturing Time For the Muse1
Mills, JimWhat Are Crit Circles?1
Neuenschwander, BrynWomen and Childbearing in Fantasy1
Saint Clair Bush, JenniferPoetry and Everyday Life1
Stanchfield, JustinThe Gulf1
Starkweather, AlisonSittin' There1

Issue 2
Billing, BobTuning the Universe: Time, Distance and Cost in Science Fiction2
Carr, Shane P.Creating Character 'Extras' to Enhance Your Story2
Carr, Shane P.Scene of the Crime2
Catesby, RobinThe Dual Landscape of Plot and Story2
Elliott, Sarah JaneA Man in Beast's Clothing2
Gifford, LazetteThe Alternative Rules: a Look at Two Exotic Forms of Government and the Cultures in Which They Thrived2
Gifford, LazetteThe Forward Motion Web Site2
Hopper, TeresaWhat Is Horror Fiction?2
Lisle, HollyVisualization For Writers Workshop2
Long, Beth AdeleBefriending the Internal Editor2
Long, Beth AdeleThe Writing Life by Annie Dillard2
Lord, Damon M.Creating and Using Fictional Languages In Your Writing.2
Marble, Anne M.Research Flaws in Romance Novels2
McElfresh, VickiAt a Loss For Words2
Saint Clair Bush, JenniferHow-To Haiku2
Stanchfield, JustinA Question of Style2
Starkweather, AlisonGenetics In Storytelling2

Issue 3
Backes, LauraTurn Personal Struggles Into Books for Children3
Billing, BobEureka! Making Believable Future Technologies3
Brown, RonClassic Structure of the Horror Novel3
Burke, J. S.Otherwhens: a Theory of Alternate History3
Carr, Shane P.Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting by Syd Fields3
Derbyshire, KatherineReporting for Fiction: Where to Find Original Detail3
Elliott, Sarah JaneFaith and Foreboding or Why Does the Priesthood Have to be Evil, Anyway?3
Gifford, LazettePoetry Revival3
Gifford, LazettePreparing For Your First Mystery: the Basics3
Kurilla, PeggyGiving Depth to Fantasy Religions3
Lisle, HollyDeeper People--Putting Yourself Into Your Characters3
Long, Beth AdeleWrite What You Know--Or What You Want?3
Long, Beth Adelewww.AImovie.com and www.TangentOnline.com3
Marble, Anne M.E-books and the Romance Field3
Neuenschwander, BrynMother Is the Name For God3
Norman, Michael E.Fear and Crisis: What Does It Feel Like?3
Saint Clair Bush, JenniferMaking Dreams Into Reality3
Sinclair, AlisonBlunting the Knife3

Issue 4
Allard, CarolineThe Week of Two Thursdays, or the Magic of Reality4
Billing, BobIt's Magic, Jim, But Not as We Know It4
Carr, Shane P.The Diversity of Mystery4
Catesby, RobinTheater, Out of the Box and Into the Magic4
Catesby, RobinWriting the Breakout Novel -- a Preview Review4
Clark, Cindy M.Modern Magic in Books: a Short Overview of Modern Magic Novels4
Francis, JimWhen Magic Goes Wrong4
Greenlee, Dawn, Co-AuthorMills, Jim, and Dawn Greenlee. Magic-Like Psychic Abilities4
Hopper, TeresaUsing Magic in Horror Fiction4
Lisle, HollyLost On the Border At Twilight: Finding and Using Your Life's Essential Strangeness4
Long, Beth AdeleChanges4
Marble, Anne M.The Subgenres of Romance4
Mills, Jim, and Dawn GreenleeMagic-Like Psychic Abilities4
Philipi, ColeenMagical Intelligence4
Rogers, Bruce HollandSo What Is Magical Realism, Really?4
Saint Clair Bush, JenniferRiddles Wisely Expounded4
Stanchfield, JustinThe Final Frontiers4
Stanchfield, JustinRalan Conley's Webstravaganza4
Taylor, JenFinding Magic In Mundania4
Ward, JohnScience and Magic4

Issue 5
Allard, CarolineFind Your Inner Secret Diary5
Arden, V. AnneBut I Don't Know How to Critique!5
Billing, BobHarnessing the Wild Idea: the Creation of Run For the Stars.5
Carr, Shane P.Fiction Writing: a Labor of Love -- an Overview of Developing Your Craft5
Carr, Shane P.The Forest for the Trees by Betsy Lerner5
Carr, Shane P.Interview With Douglas Clegg5
Catesby, RobinUsing the Tools of an Actor5
Cranford, MatthewMore Than Words5
Elliott, Sarah JaneIt's Not Easy Being Green5
Gifford, LazetteThe Tale of Two Teachers5
Gifford, LazetteUniformity In E-Publication5
Greenlee, Dawn E., and James Kenneth MillsThe Art of Collaboration5
Howe, AllenThe End5
Lisle, HollyHoning Your Talent5
Marble, Anne M."Stop Using Those Said Bookisms," the Editor Shrieked: the Use and Abuse of Dialogue Tags5
McElfresh, VickiDel Rey Digital Writing Workshop5
McElfresh, VickiHandling Criticism Gracefully5
Mills, James Kenneth, Co-AuthorGreenlee, Dawn E., and James Kenneth Mills. The Art of Collaboration5
Saint Clair Bush, JenniferGetting Organized: a Writer's Perspective5
Saint Clair Bush, JenniferYes, Even YOU can Write (and Sell) Poetry!5
Serdy, ValerieYour Modern Hobbies, Your Ancient World5
Stanchfield, JustinThe Cheap Adventurer5
Stanchfield, JustinLooking For a Writing Course5
Stiles, ChristinaThe Roleplaying Game Market5
Taylor, Vicki M.Overcoming the Fear of Writing a Synopsis5
Taylor, Vicki M.The Quest for the Quintessential Query Letter5

Issue 6
Billing, BobTime and Holidays6
Brim, Jae, Lazette Gifford, and Beth Adele LongThree Views From WorldCon 20016
Brown, RonHalloween: Breaking Down the Cliche6
Brown, RonShort Mystery Fiction6
Elliott, Sarah JaneDefying Definition6
Gifford, LazetteCreative Purrsuits' Writers Rest Stop6
Gifford, LazetteAn Interview With Rob Chilson6
Gifford, LazetteNo Ordinary Days6
Gifford, Lazette, Co-AuthorBrim, Jae, Lazette Gifford, and Beth Adele Long. Three Views From WorldCon 20016
Lisle, HollyHolidays in Hell and Other Delights--a Workshop6
Long, Beth Adele, Co-AuthorBrim, Jae, Lazette Gifford, and Beth Adele Long. Three Views From WorldCon 20016
Marble, Anne M.The Uses and Abuses of Mailing Lists: How to Promote Yourself on Mailing Lists Without Turning Fans Into Enemies6
McElfresh, VickiThe Sad State of Children's Literature6
McElfresh, VickiSlogging Through the Trenches: Maintaining Enthusiasm6
Mills, JimThe Handbook of Short Story Writing, Volume II, Edited by Jean M. Fredette6
Pon, KarenWeather and Worldbuilding 1016
Pon, KarenWeather In Fiction6
Saint Clair Bush, JenniferAutumn in Poetry6
Saint Clair Bush, JenniferCan You Write a Novel In...6
Savage, JohnFair Use For Speculative Fiction Writers6
Serdy, ValerieFlora, Fauna, Fiction6
Serdy, ValerieMicrosoft Encarta 2001: a Review6
Sloan, Robert A.Creating Fictional Holidays6
Stanchfield, JustinHolidays and Kids' Stories6
Stiles, ChristinaFantasy Adventure Writing6
Ward, CassandraThe New Computer Health Threat6

Issue 7
Billing, RobertLetters From a Better World: A Defense of Speculative Fiction7
Brown, RonMaintaining Suspense When Using Criminal POV7
Gifford, LazetteEpublishing As the Middle Ground7
Gifford, LazetteAn Interview With Esther Friesner: Nebula Award Winner and Queen of the Hamsters7
Gifford, LazetteSetting Reasonable Writing Goals (or Don't Do What I Do, Do What I Say...)7
Hopper, TeresaWhat Is Horror Fiction and How Do You Know If You're Writing It? (First of Six Articles)7
Lisle, HollyBurn It, Bury It, Let It Live--a Workshop7
Lord, Damon M.Teach Yourself Writing a Novel and Getting Published by Nigel Watts7
Marble, Anne M.Headhopping, Authorial Intrusion, and Shocked Expressions7
McElfresh, VickiThe Rocky Road to Becoming a Writer7
Mills, JimSerious Writing7
Neuenschwander, BrynThe College Hobby7
Peat, C. E.The Numberless Hordes: Two Hurdles For Fantasy Armies7
Pon, KarenFinding the Right Day Job7
Saint Clair Bush, JenniferPoetry Resolutions For the New Year7
Saint Clair Bush, JenniferTaking the Dream Seriously7
Serdy, ValerieWrite Like a Damsel7
Sinclair, AlisonToad Love (Or the Adulterer's Guide to Writing)7
Sloan, Robert A.Whistling in the Dark7
Stanchfield, JustinProject Pulp7
Stanchfield, JustinWalking the Double Path7
Viehl, S. L.Financial Boot Camp7
Wilson, Mary K.Horses For Writers: Just the Basics7

Issue 8
Fantasy Movies and the Star Wars Effect8
Billing, BobAxial Tilt and Things8
Bronson, NicReflections of Starlight8
Brown, RonWriting Mysteries for Children's Magazines8
Carr, Shane P.Exploiting Your Character's Parental Bond8
Gifford, LazetteBut Is It Romance? An Outsider's Look at the Genre8
Gifford, LazetteAn Interview With Vera Nazarian8
Hopper, TeresaIntroduction to Horror Part 2: Plot and Character in Horror Fiction8
House, Kay, and Justin StanchfieldWomen, Men, Families and Fiction8
Lisle, HollyThe Description Workshop8
Neuenschwander, BrynBlood Is Thicker Than Water8
Pischke, RuthThe Perils of Cardboard8
Savage, JohnPiracy On the High Bandwidth8
Seal, Francine M.Heroes Have Families?8
Serdy, ValerieWhere Have All the Families Gone?8
Sloan, Robert A.Dare You Write About Your Family?8
Stanchfield, Justin, Co-AuthorHouse, Kay. And Justin Stanchfield. Women, Men, Families and Fiction8
Viehl, S. L.Show and Tell: How to Write Realistic Young Child Characters8
Ward, AndiChildren Are Characters Too8
Ward, CassandraGoal, Motivation & Conflict: the Building Blocks of Good Fiction by Debra Dixon.8

Issue 9
Billing, BobThe Edge of Thought9
Catlin, SallyAnglo-Saxon Alliterative Epics? Ouch!9
Davis, BethanySo Much More Than Free Writing Classes9
Dawson, Jeri-TalleeSpringtime for Writers9
Francis, JimGood Bones and Simple Murders by Margaret Atwood9
Gifford, LazetteWhither Wander You? The Long History of Urban Fantasy9
Hale, GenaCharacters Romance Readers Love #1: We Need a Hero!9
Harlowe, J.Making the Connection: Writer's Digest Web Site9
Heiser, KristaYou Mean Somebody Likes It?9
Hopper, TeresaIntroduction to Horror Part 3: Setting in Horror Fiction9
House, KayMysteries: Rules of the Genre9
Lisle, HollyAn Interview With Diana Gill9
Lisle, HollyOne-Pass Manuscript Revision: From First Draft To Last In One Cycle9
Pass, JuliaUsing School To Enhance Your Writing and Your Career9
Serdy, ValerieReading Is Fundamental9
Shafer, JenniferAutumn Leaves: a Writer's First Novel Rewrite9
Shope, BethTrue Writing Is Rewriting9
Smith, Heidi ElizabethRevision and Submission9
Spencer, WenIt's a Small World: a Short Discussion on Agents and SF&F Publishers9
Stanchfield, JustinWriting Tight9
Stephenson, CarolCarol Stephenson, Romance Moderator9
Stephenson, CarolColor My Revisions9
Stone, DavidGiving and Receiving Critiques: an Exercise in Objectivity9
Viehl, S. L.The Good, the Bad, and the Icky: Proposals That Sell/Don't Sell Your Novel9
Ward, AndiConfessions of a Blunt Critiquer9

Issue 10
Aristophanes Mr. Robert's Cat SloanCats and Writers: One Cat's Opinion10
Bas, KeriFinding the 'Wild' in the Wilderness10
Billing, BobThe Curious Behavior of the Altharian Tzog in the Night10
Billing, BobHorse Sense10
Cobern, T. L.An Argument Against Reading Fiction10
Dawson, Jeri-TalleeHorse Communication 10110
Flumignan, RobGet a Clue: Using Clues to Map Your Mystery10
Geimer, JamiWriter's Primer on Parrots10
Gifford, LazetteAn Interview With Beth Hilgartner10
Gifford, LazetteZette's Quick Guide to Writing Short Stories10
Hale, GenaCharacters Romance Readers Love #2: Heroine Junkies10
Hopper, TeresaGetting the Best Out of Your Bad Guys10
Kurilla, PeggyLessons From a LifeTime of Writing by David Morrell10
Kurilla, PeggyOn Keeping a Writer's Journal10
Milton, JamesMeet the Moderators: James Milton10
Peugh, CherylLessons Taught By a Siamese Friend's Life10
Reeds, JeffDescribing Fantastic Creatures10
Serdy, ValerieKeep Your Eyes Open10
Sinclair, AlisonPoisoning Persons In Print10
Sloan, Robert A.Forward Motion In a Nutshell10
Sloan, Robert A., TranslatorCats and Writers: One Cat's Opinion by Aristophanes Mr. Robert's Cat Sloan10
Smith, Heidi ElizabethFelines In Fantasy: Clich10
Stanchfield, JustinThe Heritage of the Barnyard: Common Animals in Uncommon Fiction10
Stephenson, CarolThe Right To Revise10
Swain, StevenBackground Color in Worldbuilding10
Viehl, S. L.Adapting Earth Animals Into Alien Lifeforms10
Ward, AndiThe Writer's Store10
Wilson, Mary K.Sunlight and Air: Feeding a Fictional Horse10

Issue 11
Adams, LindaHits and Visits 101: the Myths and Realities of Website Statistics11
Adams, LindaImage Counts: Your Professional Website11
Ambler, HelenPublishing Poetry11
Billing, BobComputing for Heretics11
Bresnehan, StephenThe Care and Feeding of Fantasy Creatures11
Carr, Shane P.Interview With Horror Author Teri Jacobs11
Cole, Kim L.Websites for Writers: What To Do and How11
Davis, BethannySubmitting Your Web Site to Search Engines11
Dunne, JenniferPutting the 'Design' in Your Web Design11
Flumignan, RobPraying For Inspiration: Using Mystery's 'Holy Trinity' to Generate Ideas11
Francis, JamesWhat Does Your Character's Body Say? Non-verbal Communication11
Gifford, LazetteThe Line Between Horror and Dark Fantasy11
Gifford, LazetteMarketing Ebooks11
Hackman, Emory.Networking for Authors11
Heijnis, Ernst-JanHow to Get an Idea11
Klasky, Mindy L., Bruce Holland Rogers, and Vera NazarianPromotion Tips From Pros11
Kurilla, PeggyWords of Wonder: a Review of David Gerrold's Worlds of Wonder11
Lisle, HollyNotecarding: Plotting Under Pressure11
Lord, Damon M.Cutting Edge Medieval Technology11
Nazarian, Vera, Co-AuthorKlasky, Mindy L., Bruce Holland Rogers, and Vera Nazarian. Promotion Tips From Pros11
Rogers, Bruce Holland, Co-AuthorKlasky, Mindy L., Bruce Holland Rogers, and Vera Nazarian. Promotion Tips From Pros11
Sloan, Robert A.Meet the Moderator11
Stanchfield, JustinAnd the Moral of the Story Is...11
Stephenson, CarolIn a Revision Rut? Try 52 Index Card Pickup11
Stephenson, CarolPitching the Category Buzz Words11
Thistle, Karen J. H.Putting the Science in Your Science Fiction11
Willis, L. RubenSelf-Editing: Why It Is a Good Thing11

Issue 12
NaNoWriMo Madness Strikes Forward Motion!12
Adams, LindaOvercoming Writer's Block12
Baker, GerriThe First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman12
Billing, BobCavemen, Explosions and Psychothyretics: the Future History of Art12
Catron, Louis E.'Keep Attribution Simple,' He ...12
Derbyshire, KatherineWriting is Giving12
Drexler, June, Co-AuthorWard, Andi, and June Drexler. Plotting the Romance Novel12
Feete, KatArtificial Intelligence, Part II12
Finley, AnniekateMeet the Moderator: Kay House (strigidae)12
Flumignan, RobA Murderous Art: Theme and the Modern Mystery12
Francis, JimStorytelling for Children12
Gifford, LazetteDeron Douglas of DDP Publishing12
Gifford, LazetteDo More Than See ...12
Harlowe, J.How Holly Lisle's Vision Led Me to $7,000 in Sales (and Counting)12
Hoefler, MatthiasLimning the Fire of Jazz12
Labloch, S.The Healthy Writer12
Meganathan, RadhikaTaking The Plunge12
Mercik, K. R.The Arts in Worldbuilding: Music For Your Fantasy World12
Ravenscroft, JohnSo--Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?12
Sloan, Robert A.Writing Effective Dreams12
Smith, TheresaCan Genre Fiction be Art?12
Stephenson, CarolRevision Letters: Wide Angle and Zoom Lenses Required12
Ward, Andi, and June DrexlerPlotting the Romance Novel12
West, EricWhy I Like My Fantasy Ole Skool (In Defense of All Things Elvish)12

Issue 13
What Makes Good Characters?13
Adams, LindaCharacters From the Soul13
Billing, BobChanging the Valves: How to be Memorably Wrong in Science Fiction13
Brewer, LauraWhen Characters Develop Minds of Their Own13
Catron, Louis E.'A Touch of Madness' -- the Writer as Actor13
Chaisson, JonStepping to Center Stage: Why It's Good When Tertiary Characters Hog the Camera13
Cole, Kim L.A Dark and Stormy Night13
Cowgill, BonnieCharacters and Settings: The Choices People Make13
Drexler, JuneMeet the Moderators: June Drexler13
Durham, Sandra C.Getting Started in Fantasy Writing13
Gifford, LazetteClad in the Beauty of a Thousand Stars13
Gifford, LazetteGoing With Plan B: an Interview With Sharon Lee and Steve Miller13
Gifford, LazetteThis Is Not a Test ... Epublishing In the Real World13
Gifford, RussMystery Writing: Taking a Clue From the Pros13
Kiddle, NickUsing the Plot-Character Interaction13
Kurilla, PeggyFull Fathom13
Lieu, RangCharacters in Absentia: When Less Is More13
Lisle, HollyHow to Get There From Here: the Magic of Goals13
MacKirin, FeathCharacters Are People13
Meganathan, RadhikaTwo Books on Freelance Writing13
mistriThe Slushpile13
Mounfield, JennyA Reject Is Born: www.rejectwriters.com13
Ward, CassandraForward Motion Writing Community Puzzle!13

Issue 14
Baker, GerriName, Name, Who's Got the Name? Various Name Websites14
Born, Melissa S.An Empty Room14
Caple, ConnorIs It All Work and No Play for Jack?14
Chaisson, JonWorldbuilding: From Hometown to Galaxy's End14
Cowgill, BonnieYou're Going to Wear White? In the Winter?14
Dechant, LolaPoetry: Finding Inspiration14
Feete, KatThe Devil's in the Details14
Gifford, LazetteThe Choices in Ebook Publishing14
Gifford, LazetteIn the Company of Julie Czerneda14
Gohr, ElizabethWorld Enough, and Time14
Hellmann, TonyA Comment on Parallel Worlds14
Howick, JosThe Reality Gap -- or Do My Characters Know the Truth?14
Hoyt, Gabrielle BradeenClothes Make the Man (or Woman, or Elf...)14
Kurilla, PeggyPlotting For the Organic Writer14
Kurilla, PeggyUsing Science in Fantasy14
Lieu, RangA Heterogenous World14
Lisle, HollySaving the World Through Typing14
Reeves, SamInvisible Questions: Creating Narrative Flow14
Robertson, June DrexlerWorldbuilding and the Chaos Mind14
Scalise, GregPutting Your Stars In Their Places14
Serdy, ValerieTaking Your Senses Beyond Description14
Sloan, Robert A.Organic Worldbuilding14
Steeves BJBJ Steeves14
Swain, StevenNot All That Is Known14
Ward, AndiThe Complete Crime Reference Book by Martin Roth14
Ward, CassandraPuzzle: Romantic Fiction Board14
Wright, EllenName-building--What's In a Name?14

Issue 15
Baker, GerriHow to Steal a Story15
Baker, GerriNine-Act Structure Home Page15
Billing, BobSelling Non-Fiction15
Brown, KateMind Mapping Your Plot15
Cates, JDRoom to Write: Daily Invitations to a Writer's Life by Bonni Goldberg15
Chaisson, JonBetter Writing Through Organized Chaos15
Cobern, T. L.A Dash of This and a Sprinkle of That: Recognizing the Individuality of SF15
Dunne, JenniferCharacter-Based Outlining Using Dramatica15
Durham, Sandra C.Review of Power Structure: Story Development Software15
Gifford, LazetteIt's Just a Phase15
Gifford, LazetteWhat's In a Name? Interviewing Rosemary Edghill15
Heiser, KristaMy Imaginary Outline and Me15
Kelly, SheilaWriting the Novel Synopsis15
Kurilla, PeggyUsing Technology in Fantasy: "But What If I Press This Button?"15
MacKirin, FeathThe Joy of Accent15
Marshall, BobNovel Outlines: a Case Study of Two Novels15
Schara, Jean A.Remember the Audience15
Serdy, ValerieCritiquing the New Writer15
Ward, AndiPuzzle15
West, EricCreating Slang: Ashamandoo's Armpits, Balluviel's Belly Button15

Issue 16
Baker, GerriMaking a Good Writer Great by Linda Seger16
Chaisson, JonChaotic Writing II: Like One Giant Jigsaw Puzzle16
Czerneda, Julie E.Who Let Me Become a Writer?16
Derbyshire, KatherineWriting Without a Net: Organizing Without Outlines16
Eady, MarianneWhy I Hate the Bad Guys16
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyVisit From the Muse16
Gifford, LazetteBending the Rules of Publishing: an Interview with Stephen Pagel of Meisha Merlin Publishing16
Gifford, LazetteTitles Are Shadows16
Gifford, LazetteWorking With Projects16
Gould, K. J.Cultural Literacy: a Beginner's Muse16
Kurilla, PeggyPatching It Up16
Kurilla, PeggyTimelines16
Lisle, HollyTime and First Person16
Sikorsky, TinaVillains, Part One: Putting the Ill Into Villains: Villain Motivations and Characterizations16
Sikorsky, TinaVillains, Part Two: Sympathy For the Devil: Looking Through the Villain's Eyes16
Starkweather, AlisonTangled Fingers and Jumbled Keys16
Watts, LorianneBeing a Teenage Writer16

Issue 17
Adams, LindaConsequences of Your Character's Actions17
Chaisson, JonLife After Chaotic Writing: the Dreaded Revision17
Cole, KimmyWriting through the Blues17
Comer, ValerieAttitude Adjustments17
Dorr, RobertMaking Revision Enjoyable17
Eady, MarianneBridging the Gap17
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyThe Tarnished Crown17
Gianakos, MariaThe Internet History Sourcebook Project17
Gifford, LazetteAlien Views: an Interview With Wen Spencer17
Gifford, LazetteRewriting the Beast17
Harlowe, J.Paying Attention Pays Dividends17
Harris, E. B.Learning Copyediting Symbols17
Hoyt, Gabrielle BradeenHow Original Is Your Story?17
Kurilla, PeggySometimes the Magic Works by Terry Brooks17
Norris, Shana PerryClocks of Your World17
Roddie, AlexThe Dangers of Permanent Revision Syndrome17
Wiltgren, FilipSome Advice For Selling Nonfiction17

Issue 18
Looking to the New Year18
What Draws People to NaNoWriMo: a Survey of Forward Motion Members18
Chaisson, JonWriting Against the Odds18
Comer, ValerieCharacter Driven Plotting18
Feete, KatArtificial Intelligence, Part I18
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyTaking the Plunge18
Gifford, LazetteEditorial Intrusions18
Gifford, LazetteNaNoWriMo Madness: an Interview With Chris Baty, the Man Behind the Curtain18
Gifford, LazetteWebsites For People Who Need Help Fast18
Kurilla, PeggyMoney Management for the Creative Person18
Lisle, HollyHow to Write Suckitudinous Fiction18
Meganathan, RadhikaWriter's Fatigue -- a Guide to the Ailments That Affect Writers of all Ages18
Parks, ChelleyAnatomy of a Critique18
Roddie, AlexEssential Equipment for Writers18
Sandstedt, TeriLetting Go18
Smith, Heidi ElizabethOutlining Through the Block18
Ward, AndiHello. Please Buy My Book18
Watts, LorianneDefying Deadlines18
Wright, EllenMy First Time18

Issue 19
Why Write That Genre? a Survey of Writers19
Campbell, MikeAfter All, It's Just Fantasy! Some Words on Swords and the Like19
Comer, ValerieCal State's World Building Course19
Crispin, JenniferDefining the Genres19
Durham, Sandra C.The Writer's Digest Writing Clinic19
Duvall, Gina R.What If19
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #119
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeySociological Science Fiction Defined19
Gifford, LazetteDifferent Genres and Approaches: an Examination of Romance and Science Fiction19
Gifford, LazetteFear Not the Hurling Monkey: an Interview With Selina Rosen19
Gifford, LazetteResurrecting Old Stories19
Gifford, RussFive Important Tools in Microsoft Word19
Horbatenko, Sherry NormanFantasy for Children19
Kuykendall, AnnThe Lure of Magic19
Stanchfield, JustinThe Fever19
Wojtasiewicz, TheresaWhy I Hunt Flying Saucers19

Issue 20
Chaisson, JonWriting Novels20
Cravit. JoannaHow I Planned My First Novel20
Edwards, J. M. IIIConquering Writer's Block20
Feete, KatBrothers and Others: Creating Aliens That Aren't Alienating20
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyFootsteps to a Novel20
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #220
Gianakos, MariaThe World Heritage Tour Site20
Gifford, LazetteThe Freedom to Write20
Gifford, RussUsing Microsoft Word To Cut Through the Hesitation Shuffle20
Gifford, RussellTime, Space and Mark Tiedemann20
Kurilla, PeggyNaNo Reflections20
Paulk, KateA Little Bit of Science...20
Rucker, CristaKeys to Great Endings20
Tribolo, LeahCreate a Writing Collage20
Ward, AndiPainless Grammar20

Issue 21
Bonanno, D. M.Conquering the Short Story21
Chaisson, JonGetting (Think) Tanked21
Comer, ValerieDiary of a New Short Story Writer21
Comer, ValerieWebsites for Christian Writers of Genre Fiction21
Dickens, LeighaAdvantages of Short Story Writing21
Eck, KarenCatching the Cat's Tale21
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyFrom First to Final: Steps for Honing Your Short Story21
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #321
Garrison, Darwin A.Setting Wise Goalposts21
Gifford, LazetteAlmost Random Events21
Gifford, LazetteThe Delicacy of Short Stories21
Gifford, LazetteLeading Us to Sanctuary: an Interview With Lynn Abbey21
Johnston, JoshuaThe Well-Fed Writer: Financial Self-Sufficiency as a Freelance Writer in Six Months or Less21
Meshack, Betty L.Research and Worldbuilding For Those Who Hate Libraries21
Peugh, CherylThe Short Story: Science Fiction's Lifeblood21
Swain, StevenFinding Ta Taglegebol21
Tribolo, LeahNamestorming: Naming Your Characters Appropriately21

Issue 22
Caffrey, BarbOn Collaboration22
Connolly-Reisner, S. J.Dealing With Criticism22
Crispin, JenniferScience Websites for Writers22
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyDare to Be Blunt22
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #422
Garrison, Darwin A.Evoke Versus Invoke: Showing Rather Than Telling in Your Prose22
Gifford, LazetteCreating the Useful Critique22
Gifford, LazetteDuology: an Interview With Victoria Strauss22
Keene, CourtneyDragons, Sorcerors, and Mis-Capitalized Words: How to Properly Critique a Work of Fantasy22
Palmer, James M.Coping With the Day Job22
Russell, Steven E.When Nouns and Verbs Collide22
Schutzman, Bonnie RandallGuns, Germs, and Steel: the Fates of Human Societies22
Ward, AndiThe Importance of Self-Critique22
Watts, Lorianne N.The Other Voice: Learning How to Give (and Handle!) Critiques22
Wroble, Lisa A.Full Flavor Writing22

Issue 23
Billing, RobertNonfiction Idea to Publication23
Comer, ValerieWriting With a Road Map23
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #523
Garrison, Darwin A.Your Outline Is Your Friend23
Gifford, LazetteHow To Go Crazy Once a Year23
Gifford, LazetteTalk To Your Characters23
Gifford, LazetteWaiting For Ghosts: an Interview With Tamara Siler Jones23
Glazar, MarilynCreature Building 101: Part 123
Glazar, MarilynCreature Building 101: Part 223
Hastings, VictoriaStarting Out: a Guide for Young Writers23
Kuykendall, AnnMythology in a Click: the Encyclopedia Mythica23
Peake, MarilynHow to Start Marketing Your Book23
Schara, Jean A.I Hate Outlining. Do You?23
Shawning, M. V.Examining Film's Two-Goal Plotting23
Tribolo, LeahHunting Your Agent23
Ward, AndiWriting the Breakout Novel Workbook23
Wilson, Mary K.The Lure Of Bad Publishers23

Issue 24
Writing Hopes and Plans for 200524
Banks, G. B.Forming a Bond With Your Readers24
Chaisson, JonA Toy For the Spatially Confused Writer24
Comer, ValerieGlobal Mapping the Non-Tech Way24
Drees, DanielleBest Thing Since the Rock and Chisel24
Ferguson, Meryl AnneToo Much Fun: a Review of Patricia C. Wrede's World Building Questions24
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #624
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyTo Write Or Not To Write: a Personal Narrative on Voice Recognition24
Gifford, LazetteHow Much Do You Want What You Want? An Interview With Holly Lisle24
Glazar, MarilynCreature Building 101: Part 324
Glazar, MarilynCreature Building 101: Part 424
Kaufman, RachelWhy NaNo?24
Kavanagh, GailCamera, Action, Prompt!24
Lisle, HollyCreating Conflict: or, the Joys of Boiling Oil24
McTyson, JaydaIf I Knew Then...24
Meshack, Betty L.Developing a Thick Skin: How to Accept Criticism24
Nipper, Carter"Why Do You Write That Crap?" The Necessity of Horror24
Schara, Jean A.Eats, Shoots & Leaves: the Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation24
Tribolo, LeahUsing Natural Laws to Achieve Success24
Watts, Lorianne N.Soft Spots in Steel Armor24
Wroble, Lisa A.How Hurricanes Toyed With My Writing24

Issue 25
Cover Blurb25
Chaisson, JonWriter's Block? Watch a Movie!25
Dawson, Jeri-TalleeHave Fun and Persevere25
Dawson, KathleenPencil Mug25
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #725
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyReviewing a Magazine Before Submission25
Gifford, LazetteUsing Your Favorite Book as a Guide25
Gifford, LazetteWriting Adventures in 200525
Gifford, RussWithout a Fear of Words: an Interview With Lazette Gifford25
Nipper, CarterDone to Undeath: Vampire Cliches That Suck the Life From Your Stories25
Nipper, CarterGetting to Know All About You: Web Sites for Character Building25
Richards, KimThinking Like Your Editor: How to Write Great Serious Nonfiction and Get it Published25

Issue 26
Cover Blurb Entries and New Writing Exercise26
Billing, RobertThe Write Stuff: Aviation for Authors26
Bonanno, D. M.Research On the Go26
Dawe, JoleneThe Sacrifice of Writing26
Dickens, LeighaA Model for Knowing Your Character26
Elema, AriellaThe Household Cyclopedia and Catherine Parr Traill's Female Emigrant's Guide26
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #826
Gifford, LazetteOrganizing Research26
Gifford, RussellRiding Out the Storm: an Interview with Rachel Caine26
Kaufman, RachelResearch: Who Needs It?26
Keeney, Belea T.The Weekend Novelist by Robert J. Ray26
McCracken, Desiree A.Keeping Your Research Researchable26
Miller, Christa M.Expert Witnesses: Choosing and Interviewing Subjects26
Moye, StaceyThe Pitfalls of Researching Unawares26
Offutt, PaulaResearching and the 'Net26

Issue 27
Chaisson, JonChapter One, or Welcome to My Novel!27
Cohen, Lisa JanicePunch Up Your Prose With Poetry27
Comer, ValerieA Treasure Trove: www.hollylisle.com27
Eason, Julie AnneThe Marshall Plan for Novel Writing27
Feete, KatWriting Hooks (Not Crooks)27
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #927
Garrison, Darwin A.It's Okay to Grieve27
Gifford, LazetteFour Steps for Working Up Openings27
Gifford, LazetteA Multitude of Catie: C. E. Murphy27
Kraft, LennyLetting Your Subconscious Do the Work27
Miller, Christa M.How Writing Nonfiction Can Help Your Fiction27
Offutt, PaulaAlternative Keyboards27
Rasey, Michelle R.Openings for Lunatics27
Reisner, S. J.What's the Point?27
Teler, EyalSome TLC for Your Opening Paragraphs27

Issue 28
Chaisson, JonBlogging: It's Not Just for Journals Anymore!28
Eason, Julie AnneAbsolute Write28
Eason, Julie AnneAbsolutely Jenna Glatzer28
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #1028
Gifford, LazetteTwo Paths to Book Publication28
Goodwill, Amy C.Are You WUI -- Writing Under the Influence?28
Horner, EmilyHow to Read Like a Writer28
LeBlanc, GiselleSimple Secrets to Becoming a Writer28
Lisle, HollyScene Creation Workshop28
Murthy, MamtaOn Writing Short Stories by Francine Prose and Tom Bailey28
Nipper, CarterIf the Front Door is Closed Try the Window: the Small Press Alternative28
Pease, Dorry C.Keyboarding Hazards: How to Write on the Computer and Stay Healthy28
Warner, ColletteInto the Coffin28
Wilson, Mary K.Book Reviews for Writers: How to Get the Most From What You Read28

Issue 29
Adams, LindaThe Joy of Thrillers29
Comer, ValerieThe Changing Face of Christian Fiction29
Eason, Julie AnneMake a Real Living as a Freelance Writer29
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #1129
Gifford, LazetteSF and Looking to the Future29
Gifford, LazetteWhat is Your Market29
Gifford, LazetteA Woman of Many Talents: S.L. Viehl29
Hartshorn, ErinInternational Thriller Writers' Website29
Kayla LHFantasy, the Unreality29
Kincy, KarenQuesting for a Name29
Kraft, LennyNuggets of Wonder29
Miller, SandraWhy Write? And Why Write Fantasy?29
Nipper, CarterShort Story Submission and the Death of Trees29
Saint Martin, RobPotential in Spandex29
Wagner, JimIn the Country of the Mind29
Winter, MaryThe Many Faces of Romance29

Issue 30
Arellano, JoelNo Plot? No Problem! by Chris Baty30
Bocco, DianaThe Importance of Not Growing Up: an Interview with Ellen Jackson30
Comer, ValerieBeyond Celtic30
Curtis, Lafayette C.Character Sheets as a Teaching Tool30
Feete, KatWho is Mary Sue?30
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #1230
Gifford, LazetteCharacters Beneath the Skin30
Hartshorn, ErinBoosting Productivity30
Hightside, CarolListening to the Voices in My Head30
Howes, BrendanReverence For the Archaic Tools of Writing30
Kincy, KarenDid You Forget Body Language?30
Kneale, Heidi WessmanWorkshopping and Critique30
McDaniel, BonnieThe Spice and Wampum of Characters30
Nipper, CarterStudies in Lines and Shadows: Character Development in Short Stories30
Pease, Dorry CatherineWho Is That Character?30

Issue 31
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #1331
Gifford, LazetteThe Basics of Setting31
Gifford, LazetteThe Research Shelf31
Gifford, LazetteSpace Cowboy: an Interview with Justin Stanchfield31
Hartshorn, ErinThe Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp (with Mark Reiter)31
Kraft, LennyLet the Outline Flow31
Krajco, KathyWriting to the Imagination31
Norris, Shana PerryAgent Query31
Simmons, Jerry D.A Writer's Dream31
Tobin, E. F.Writing in Syn31
Tudor, Jessica CorraWhen Goblins Sing: Poetry in Prose31
Warner, ScottWriting for the Trades31
Winter, MaryTechnology for Writers (Part 1): the Price of Obsolescence31

Issue 32
Adams, LindaThriller: Writing the Action Scene32
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #1432
Gifford, LazetteDarrell Bain -- Stepping Into the Future32
Gifford, LazettePainting a Scene32
Gifford, LazetteThe Research Shelf32
Hartshorn, ErinThe Plot Thickens by Noah Lukeman32
Hightower, CliffWriting the Freelance Newspaper Article32
LaChappelle, BJDefeating Procrastination32
McNarie, KathyA Question of Style32
Ohi, Debbie RidpathBefore You Respond to an Online Job Listing32
Stewart, GeneWriter's Postage Chart32
Warner, ScottHave Bias, Will Write32
Williams, J. G.Critters Workshop32
Wiltgren, FilipThe 7-Day Blockbusting Crash Course32
Winter, MaryTechnology for Writers (Part 2): Performing a Personal Technology Audit32
Wroble, LisaSpeaking of Dialogue32

Issue 33
Allen, MoiraFour Ways to Bring Settings to Life33
Finley, ElaynaEmotions in a Can33
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #1533
Gifford, LazetteLee Martindale: Renaissance Woamn With Attitude33
Gifford, LazettePainting With Words33
Hickman, TerryGet a Grip -- In the First 131 Words33
Jones, JulesElements of Arousal: How to Write and Sell Gay Men's Erotica (2nd Edition of Lavender Blue) by Lars Eighner33
Loofbourrow, PatriciaThe Writer's Guide to Medical Websites33
Moir, CarolynOrganizing Submissions33
Murry, RodgerThe Ordinary Woman33
Park, DarinBridging the Gap (On Writing)33
Schara, JeanSelf-Editing for Fiction Writers: How to Edit Yourself Into Print, 2nd Edition by Rennit Browne and Dave King33
Schutzman, Bonnie R.The Internet Sacred Texts Archive33
Steeves, BJWhat Happened to the 'Science' in Science Fiction?33
Wiener, Suzan L.How to Win Writing Contests33
Winter, MaryTechnology for Writers (Part 3): Backups, They Don't Just Save Data33
Wroble, LisaKISS Your Readers, Show You Care33

Issue 34
Campbell, WilliamBeef Up Your Verbs With E-Prime34
Comer, Valerie, and Erin HartshornHare Today and Plot Tomorrow: Plot Bunny Purchase Agreement34
Copeman, DawnWriting World34
Dalton, H. ScottWhat is Historical Fiction?34
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #1634
Gifford, LazetteFinding Your Own Path: an Interview With Bruce Holland Rogers34
Gifford, LazetteThe Observation Diary34
Gifford, LazetteThe Writing Comes First Campaign34
Hartshorn, Erin, and Valerie ComerHare Today and Plot Tomorrow: Plot Bunny Purchase Agreement34
Khan, Ahmed A.Lateral Thinking for Writers34
Kurilla, PeggyRuns With Cheetahs: Book Review of Way of the Cheetah by Sheila Viehl34
Pitt, CatrinMy World Revolves Around Books: Learning From Other Books and Genres34
Schara, Jean A.Holly Lisle's Create a Character Clinic: a Step-By-Step Course for the Fiction Writer34
Wiltgren, FilipThink Positive34
Zannini, MariaCreating the Sizzle in Sex34

Issue 35
Acker, MichelleFinding Time to Write35
Brothers, S. L.Wiki Wiki35
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #1735
Gifford, LazetteThe Girl Who Wanted to Write: an Interview with Susan Taylor35
Gifford, LazetteThis Isn't Your Teacher's Outline35
Gifford, LazetteTo NaNo or Not to NaNo35
Gifford, LazetteThe Worst Case Scenario35
Harlowe, J.Writing Stories -- Real Stories35
Lisle, HollyHeart and Soul35
Quelch, GlennNewbie-writers.com35
Shack, ElizabethCreating Character Emotions by Ann Hood35
Warmer, ScottThe Mathematician, the Writer, the Ant, and the Fish35
Wiener, Suzan L.Rules to Write By35

Issue 36
Blair, LisaWritten in Blood36
Bridger, DavidThe Spark36
Clark, CindyMeeting Writers Online and Offline36
Fereira, Ana VinventeHow Stuff Works36
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #1836
Gifford, LazetteI'd Rather Be Writing36
Gifford, LazetteWriting at Your Own Speed36
Gifford, RussellFreelancing with Patricia Fry36
Hartshorn, ErinThe Hunt for Money: Grants for Writing36
Keeney, BeleaFiction First Aid by Raymond Obstfeld36
McNarie, KathyDo You Know What You Want From a Critique?36
Proctor, CarolynA Rose is a Rose, or Is It? A Take on Plagiarism and Copyrights36
Wiener, Suzan L.Sample Copies -- Your Best Investment36

Issue 37
Planning for 200737
Acker, MichelleHow to Poison Your Fictional Characters37
Barnes, Roy A.Travel Writing: From a Bloggin' Byline to a Payin' Byline37
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #1937
Gifford, LazetteAre You a Writer: Take Two37
Gifford, LazetteThe Lost Sense37
Gifford, RussellSuccessful Business Writing: an Interview with Geoffrey James37
Hartshorn, ErinWriting the Novel: From Plot to Print37
Henderson, NicoleRefining an Outline: the Pointy Stick Method37
Schutzman, Bonnie R.Duotrope's Digest Online Market Listing37
Warner, ScottAre You a Writer?37
Wiener, Suzan L.Getting Your First Sale37

Issue 38
Acker, MicheleMurder or Suicide: How You (and Your Detective) Can Tell the Difference38
Aulridge, Stephen, Jr.Too Much Respect38
Fieland, MargaretPlaces For Writers38
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #2038
Gifford, LazetteBuilding a Better Fantasy: an Interview with Valerie Griswold-Ford38
Gifford, LazetteReworking Info Dumps38
Gifford, LazetteWas It Too Much?38
Grenier, VSRejection is a Part of the Game38
Kleager, Brenda JenkinsCharacter Tracking for Fantasy Writers38
Sandstedt, TeriGetting the Words Right by Theodore A. Rees Cheney38
Tierney, Grace5 Web Sites to Make You a Happier Writer38
Wolf, JamiesonA Spark of Light: Idea Jars for Writers38

Issue 39
Arthurs, Sara WatsonGrammar With Gargoyles -- a Review of The Deluxe Transitive Vampire by Karen Elizabeth Gordon39
Clark, CindyMaking Maps With Microsoft Word39
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #2139
Gifford, RussellWriter Quest -- an Interview with Jim Hines39
Grenier, VSThink Like Your Characters -- Think Like Your Readers39
Lisle, HollyAsking the Right Questions (From Holly Lisle's Create a Plot Clinic)39
Lyle, AnneNet Benefit: How (and Why) to Set Up Your Own Website39
Purcigliotti, Nanette J.Writers: on the Road in the Visual Arts39
Roberts, E. EdwardFinding Freelance Writing Jobs39
Rosenman, John B.How to Write Science Fiction39
Tudor, Jessica CorraThe Audience in My Head39
Ward, Garry E.Typing Your Character39
Wiener, SuzanAvoid the Last Minute Rush When Submitting Seasonal Manuscripts39

Issue 40
Aragam, AprilOrganize Your Writing Desk in Four Easy Steps40
Cruse, LonnieResearching by the Seat of Your Pants40
Fisk Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #2240
Gifford, LazetteFinding Writing Information40
Gifford, LazetteLearn Something New Everyday40
Gifford, RussFinding the Path: an Interview with Diana Pharaoh Francis40
Grenier, V.S.Writing for Children40
Huard, C. M.The Complete Writer's Guide to Heroes and Heroines: Sixteen Master Archetypes40
Isik, AnnWriter's FM40
Rosenman, John B.Writer's Groups From Hell40
Warner, ScottWriting Off the Cuff40
Wiener, Suzan L.Ten Ways to Annoy an Editor40

Issue 41
Chanye, ElizabethRetelling Myths for Children41
Fagerland, Shad ChristianTiddly Wiki41
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #2341
Francis, JimGiving It Body41
Gifford, LazetteHelping Younger Writers41
Kennedy, VictoriaOn Writing Romance: How to Craft a Novel That Sells by Leigh Michaels41
Lisle, HollyTool2: Twist41
Nielson, ColinHow Online Communities and How-to-Write Books Changed My Life41
Nipper, CarterHomonymphobia41
Wiener, SuzanTen Tips to Decide What to Write41

Issue 42
Writing Goals for 200842
Anderson, SolvejgWord Palettes42
Chanye, ElizabethFeedback: How to Get It and What to Do With It Once You've Gotten It42
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #2442
Gifford, LazetteSet Up an On-line Critique Group for 200842
Hanson, LindaWords for a New Year42
Howard, ChrisThe First Person Point of View42
Rhoades, ScottHooked: Write Fiction That Grabs Readers at Page One and Never Lets Them Go42
Schutzman, Bonnie R.Institute and Museum of the History of Science42
Tierney, GraceGenre Writing Contests -- Why Not Try Them?42
Warner, ScottRejection Is Your Teacher42

Issue 43
Chen, BettyA Room With a View43
De Marco, Guy AnthonySonar2: Tracking Those Subs43
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyAltered Perception and the Reader's 50 Percent43
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #2543
Garrison, DarwinThe Emo Trap43
Gifford, LazetteCommon Terms New Writers Shuld Know, Part 143
Gifford, LazetteHelping the Setting to Set the Mood43
Moleti, Carole AnnThe Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction: Volume 143
Schutzman, Bonnie RandallGood Reading Starts Here: NewPages.com43
Stachura, Christia M.Total Immersion43
Zannini, MariaMotivation Triggers: Carrot or Stick43

Issue 44
Chanye, ElizabethThe Anti-Muses44
Comer, ValerieCharacters, Emotion, & Viewpoint by Nancy Kress44
De Marco, Guy AnthonyUnderstanding Accents44
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #2644
Gifford, LazetteCommon Terms New Writers Shuld Know, Part 244
Gifford, LazetteQuick Stop for Semi-Important Characters44
Gifford, LazetteShana Norris -- Something to Write About44
Green, StephanieLitMatch!44
KonekoThe Personality of Places44
Rhoades, ScottDescription: Making the Unknown Seem Real44
Russell, BryanA Confidence of Vision: Criticism and the Writer's Response44
Simmons, G. L.Emotion Weaving44
Wiener, SuzanHow to Sell Your Greetings to Card Companies44

Issue 45
Billing, RobertHow to be Wrong45
Blythe, AndreaMeditation for Writers45
Dalton, KatherineSticky Manuscripts: Writing with Children in the House45
Ellington, DevonThe Misbehaving Character45
Fayle, AlexFreelance Switch45
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyFairy Tales for Writers by Lawrence Schimel45
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #2745
Gifford, LazetteEditing for Length45
Lawler, LisaA Fun Way to Write Short Fiction45
Swope, Lisa PlochI am a Writer45
Warner, ScottThink, Write, Think45

Issue 46
Chayne, ElizabethWorth the Wait46
Comer, ValerieBeginnings, Middles and Ends by Nancy Kress46
Fabian, Karina L.Burning Through Writer's Burnout46
Fayle, AlexAbout.com Fiction Writing Guide46
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #2846
Freeman, S JWhat's for Dinner? An Introductory Guide to Edible Plants in an Oak-Hickory Forest46
Gifford, LazetteWriting Query Letters for Novels46
Green, StephanieWriting About Disability46
O'Dowd, LezaPublishing Basics46

Issue 47
Chayne, ElizabethSearching for Inspiration47
Comer, ValerieWhere the Map Ends47
Curtis, Lafayette C.The Holy Light of Money: a Brief Survey of Pre-Modern Economic systems47
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #2947
Gifford, LazetteChanges to Help Break Writer's Block47
McNarie, KathyFinding Motivation47
Pitt, CatrinSparking a World47
Ratliff, C. D.45 Master Characters: Mythic Models for Creating Original Characters by Victoria Lynn Schmidt47
Warner, ScottChoices47
Zhao, LaiMarketing 101 for Writers47

Issue 48
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Report #3048
Francis, JimWho's in Charge? Governing Your World48
Gerlach, KathatrinaBasing a Novel on Genealogical Research48
Gifford, LazetteHow to Build Rome in a Day48
Green, StephanieWriters Anonymous: a 12 Step Program for Addicted Writers48
Hartshorn, Erin M.Taking the Terror Out of Terroir48
Killough, LeeAfloat on an Iceberg: Creating Background48
Stachura, Christina M.The Power of Point of View: Make Your Story Come to Life by Alicia Rasley48
Weyland, A. G.The Musings of a Midnight Writer48
Weyland, A. G.Mythical and Fantasy Creatures: Where Fantasy come to Life48
Wiener, Suzan L.Eight Tips to Help Organize Your Writing48

Issue 49
Butler, Joylene NowellChoosing POV49
Chayne, ElizabethNo Time to Write49
Comer, ValerieCharlotte Dillon's Resources for Romance Writers49
Ehrenkranz, Penny LockwoodMake Procrastination Work for You49
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Analysis #1: GUD49
Gifford, LazetteA Modern City -- From the Real to the Unreal49
Jakabs, K.The Naughtiest Writing Book Ever Written49
Muse, LarryA Letter From a Writing Muse49
Pyeatt, KeithMy Lucky Thirteen Tips for Dialogue49
Squibbs, WayneCritique: Pitfalls, Spikes and Ropes (Part 1)49

Issue 50
Chayne, ElizabethHelp Someone Else Deal with Rejection50
Comer, ValerieThe Best Resource: People50
Ehrenkranz, Penny LockwoodCreative Calisthenics50
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyChoosing Your Measuring Stick50
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Analysis #2: Beneath Ceaseless Skies50
Gifford, LazetteExpanding Avenues of Inspiration50
Gifford, LazetteExperimenting with POV50
Gifford, LazetteQuestions for Writers #150
Hartshorn, Erin M.Learning Curve50
Hoppe, LenaHow to Make Exposition Less Boring50
Malki, DinaLindaHutchinson.com50
Schara, JeanA Forward Motion Learning Curve50
Sluyter, MaripatHow I Kept My Sanity When I Realized I Knew Nothing About Writing50
Squibbs, WayneCritique: Pitfalls, Spikes and Ropes (Part 2)50

Issue 51
Buckingham, DebTo Be or Not to Be51
Chayne, ElizabethHow Does the Short Story Market Work?51
Comer, ValerieBird by Bird by Anne Lamott51
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Analysis #3: Strange Horizons51
Fry, PatriciaHow to Find Writing Work That Fulfills Your Passion51
Gifford, LazetteFun with Random Generated Ideas and Short Stories51
Gifford, LazetteQuestions for Writers #251
Hartshorn, Erin M.Editing Tools in Microsoft Word51
Hartshorn, Erin M.NASA Website51
Krag, AdrianPlan Versus Pants51
Loegel, LindaLong Live Structured Poetry51
O'Neil, RuthChildhood Memories and Writer's Block51
Ramirez, MarthaLearning to Write Well51
Squibbs, WayneCritique: Pitfalls, Spokes and Ropes (Part 3)51

Issue 52
Chayne, ElizabethThe Right Way to Write52
Comer, ValerieWriting 101: So You Want to Write a Novel -- Part 1: Planning a Novel52
Comer, ValerieWriting Down the Bones52
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Analysis #4: Fantasy Magazine52
Fry, PatriciaHow to Become an Idea Factory52
Gifford, LazetteAll the Way to the End52
Gifford, LazetteQuestions for Writers #352
Marlow, J. A.Seventh Sanctum52
Petroulas, SusanCutting Away52
Peugh, CherylA Rose is Not a Smeerp52
Salisbury, DebShould You Consider Submitting to a Micro-Publisher?52

Issue 53
Blair, LisaFinding the Stories That Matter53
Chayne, ElizabethBy the Way, I'm Not Perfect53
Clark, CindyUsing a Mind Map to Build an Idea53
Comer, ValerieSnoopy's Guide to the Writing Life53
Comer, ValerieWriting 101: So You Want to Write a Novel -- Part 2: Writing a Novel53
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Analysis #5: Realms of Fantasy53
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyTwitter53
Gifford, LazetteQuestions for Writers #453
Gifford, LazetteRevisiting Simple Outlines...and NaNo Tricks53
Gifford, LazetteUsing SuperNotecard53
Marlow, J. A.Scrivener Hybrid Outlining53
Peterson, TrulieJenny Andersen's The Surrender Arc53
Petroulas, SusanWhat I Did on My Summer Vacation...53

Issue 54
Archer, ScarlettThe Three Faces of NaNoWriMo54
Chayne, ElizabethWriting For a Living54
Comer, ValerieGetting Into Character54
Comer, ValerieWriting 101: So You Want to Write a Novel: Part 3: Revising a Novel54
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Market Analysis #6: Analog Science Fiction and Fact54
Gifford, LazetteFrom the Editor: The End of the Year54
Gifford, LazetteMain Character Descriptions in Third and First Person54
Gifford, LazetteQuestions for Writers54
Hemig, ShelleyWriters Weekly54
Marlow, J. A.The Unexpected Bonus of Revision54
O'Fiernan, RavenNaNoWriMo Your Way54
Ohi, Debbie RidpathCartoons for Writers54
Peterson, TrulieEverything Old Is New Again54
Petroulas, SusanWhat I Learned About Writing From Project Runway54

Issue 55
Adams, LindaCritiquing Omniscient Viewpoint55
Bridger, David13 Ways in Which Editing a Story is Like Grooming a New Beard55
Chayne, ElizabethThis Year I Will...55
Comer, ValerieGoal, Motivation and Conflict: The Building Blocks of Good Fiction by Debra Dixon55
Comer, ValerieKaye Dacus--Writing Series55
Comer, ValerieWriting 101: So You Want to Write a Novel: Part 4: Submitting a Novel55
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyMar's Top Markets #1: Shoot for the Top Markets55
Gifford, LazetteEditor's Note: Welcome to Year Ten55
Gifford, LazetteQuestions for Authors55
Gifford, LazetteA Year of Worldbuilding and Conflict55
Green, SteffWriting a Fantastical Query55
Lawler, LisaBook Trailer Love55
Lisle, HollyIntent, Hard Work, Common Ground...and Forward Motion55
Ohi, Debbie RidpathComic: New Year's Resolutions55
Petroulas, SusanA Sense of Place55
Wiener, Suzan L.How to Make Money Selling Your Recipes55

Issue 56
Baudet, StephanieCreating Characters for Children's Books56
Chayne, ElizabethThe Rules of Science56
Ehrenkranz, Penny LockwoodTwelve Steps to a Better Virtual Book Tour56
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyTop Markets in Speculative Fiction56
Gifford, LazetteQuestions for Authors56
Gifford, LazetteA Year of Worldbuilding and Conflict, Part 256
Gifford, LazetteYou Know More Than You Think56
Hartshorn, ErinStoryteller: Writing Lessons and More From 27 Years of the Clarion Writer's Workshop by Kate Wilhelm56
Hartshorn, Erin M.HyperHistory Online56
Hoppe, LenaThree Steps to Creating Fantasy Names56
Kennedy, Patrick M.Technical Writing Hints: Improving the Communication56
Ohi, Debbie RidpathComic: Procrastination Sign #1456
Wiener, Suzan L.Seven Tips to Help You on the Road to Publication56

Issue 57
Baudet, StephanieEvery Picture Tells a Story57
Boudreau, HeleneQuery Queasy? Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!57
Chayne, ElizabethHow Good Is It?57
Ehrenkranz, Penny LockwoodBook Marketing in the Digital age: Online Promotion Made Easy57
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyTop Markets in Fantasy57
Francis, JimChest of Books57
Gifford, LazetteIdea Farming57
Gifford, LazetteQuestions for Authors57
Gifford, LazetteSpring!57
Gifford, LazetteA Year of Worldbuilding and Conflict, Part Three57
Hoppe, LenaRealism in Fantasy World Building57
Ohi, Debbie RidpathComic: It's Official57
Pitt, CatronPoint of View, Narrators, Intimacy, and Head-hopping57
Wiener, Suzan L.How to Know You Were Meant to be a Writer?57

Issue 58
Billing, BobRelativity and FTL Travel--http://www.physicsguy.com/ftl/58
Brown, ZettaPublishing and Professional Courtesy58
Chayne, ElizabethNaming Your Characters58
Ehrenkranz, Penny LockwoodBe Adaptable58
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyTop Markets in Science Fiction58
Gifford, LazetteHelping Others58
Gifford, LazetteQuestions for Authors58
Gifford, LazetteA Year of Worldbuilding, Part 458
Hartshorn, Erin M.The Gettysburg Approach to Writing & Speaking Like a Professional by Philip Yaffe58
Hauldren, PatMake Your Path, Mark Your Path, Walk Your Path: Building Your Platform58
Kennedy, Patrick M.What's Funny?58
Kent, AlisonHow Many Rejections Are Enough?58
Ohi, Debbie RidpathToo Much Caffeine58
Staniszewski, AnnaCutting Characters You Love58

Issue 59
Chayne, ElizabethWhere Your Story is Going (How to Rewrite)59
Clark, CindyUsing Excel to Create a Timeline59
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyTop Horror Markets59
Gifford, LazetteNaNo Again59
Gifford, LazetteQuestions for Authors59
Gifford, LazetteWhat Writers Can Learn From Susan Boyle59
Gifford, LazetteWorld Building Short Cuts, Part 159
Gwyn, KeliRevision: Plotting Along59
Hartshorn, Erin M.How to Write a Damn Good Mystery by James N. Frey59
Hartshorn, Erin M.Writing Comfortably59
Lyle, AnneSFF Chronicles59
Nedkova, VioletaLet's Get Literal!59
Ohi, Debbie RidpathThe Long Short Story59

Issue 60
Blair, LisaThe Modern Pen60
Chayne, ElizabethThe Do's and Don'ts of Feedback (What to Change, What to Ignore, and Why)60
Colorado, G. R.Critique Groups Spell Trouble60
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyTop Markets in Literary Fiction60
Gifford, LazetteThe End is Near60
Gifford, LazetteQuestions for Authors60
Gifford, LazetteWorld Building Short Cuts, Part 260
Globenski, RobinEmotional Memory: Journaling for Characterization60
Hartshorn, Erin M.I Have This Nifty Idea...Now What Do I Do With It? Edited by Mike Resnick60
Marlow, J. A.Writing Despite Health Problems60
Ohi, Debbie RidpathZette's Moment of NaNo Glory60
Povey, Jennifer R.Cosmos Magazine Online60
Temple, MikaFrugal Writer60

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